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7 Reasons You Need an Air Ionizer

Air ionizer is a best way to clean air. It can help with allergies, unpleasant smells, snoring and more. Here are seven reasons you might consider to grab an air ionizer.

  1. You can’t stop sneezing: Pet dander, pollen, and dust are just some of the pollutants that could be floating around your house.
  2. Your house smells of varnish and disinfectants: Be sure to look for air ionizers that can remove VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. These harmful substances come from carpeting, adhesive, disinfectants, and varnishes. If you see formaldehyde or benzene on any of your household items’ ingredients, you are dealing with a VOC.
  3. Your air is stale and stuffy: If you breathe in and the air smells bad, you might have poor quality indoor air. You can try an energy recovery ventilator, but an air ionizer will guarantee that you reduce any smelly, foul odors that might be wafting through your home.
  4. You see dust mites everywhere: Have you noticed a surplus of dust building up under your bed or on the windows? Air ionizers will certainly help to reduce the amount of dust around, though you will still need to clean. Getting a decent vacuum cleaner is still important to having clean and dust-free air, but air ionizer will also help a huge amount with reducing the amount of mites that are calling your home their home as well.
  5. You suffer from emphysema or COPD: Having a serious chest condition might be a sign that you need an air ionizer. Keeping the level of household air pollution down as much as possible is critical, especially with family members who might be exposed to second-hand smoke.
  6. You have a sick family member: Helping a sick family member heal is made easier with the help of a purifier. They can breathe fresher air and have better quality sleep, which will aid recovery.
  7. You snore (loudly): Allergens like pollen and dander will cause your airways to be more congested and that can contribute to snoring. Make sure you change your air filters and wear an air ionizer. You will find that you will gradually sleep better and snore less.

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