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In the cardiovascular system, negative ions allow coronary expansion and increase coronary blood flow, improve cardiac function by adjusting heart rate and speed of blood flow, relieve angina and allow normalization of blood pressure.

High levels of cholesterol in the blood have been strongly linked to cardio vascular disease, as they result in atherosclerosis, otherwise known as hardening of the arteries. Although pharmaceutical companies have been treating this problem with cholesterol-lowering drugs for years, the use of negative ions to remedy this issue in a more natural way has shown promise for decades. As early as 1965, research has shown that negative ions have the ability to reduce blood cholesterol levels.

In 1975, young athletes treated with negative ions displayed increases in cardiovascular and respiratory adaptations to physical effort. The pulse, blood pressure, and respiration frequency of each athlete returned to normal levels sooner than expected. Around this same time, Russian scientist EG. Portnov was also looking into the effects of negative-ion therapy. He found that exposure to negative ions demonstrated an ability to dilate blood vessels, known as vasodilation. When blood vessels relax and dilate, blood pressure lowers, as does stress on the cardiovascular system. It is clear that serotonin has a role in blood pressure regulation. The ability of negative ions to regulate serotonin levels, therefore, makes them a powerful agent in cardiovascular health.


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