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Oxy-Angel is a personal air ionizer that emits negative ions from the triangular shape that you see at the top of the unit.

These negative ions will keep you from allergens, viruses and all sorts of bad particles in the air.

As a result, Oxy-Angel reduces the probability that you will inhale these bad particles, helping you breathe cleaner air for a healthier you.

Negative ions are electrically charged particles in the air that remove air contaminants and have been proved to have a rejuvenating effect upon our health.

The best natural source of negative ions are oceans, waterfalls, mountains and forests. Clean natural air has the highest concentrations of negative ions. They reduce the risk of allergies, colds, flu, and lessens the instances of asthma.

Yes! We did a smoke test using Oxy-Angel in our test labs and have proven that Oxy-Angel can purify second-hand smoke such as cigarette smoke.

Keep in mind, the Oxy-Angel is NOT a room air purifier – it is meant to clean the air around your personal space – about a 3 feet sphere is a good benchmark.

The Oxy-Angel lasts for about 30 hours in a fully charged battery.

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