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As the COVID-19 crisis continues, thousands of professionals on the frontlines, including medical doctors, nurses and emergency personnel, continue to bravely do their jobs despite the risks to their health. These frontline workers are the true heroes and we want to put in our effort to pay them back and help protect them while they protect others.

Any organization that purchases 50 or more Oxy-Angel Personal Air Purifiers will be able to purchase them at a price just slightly above their manufacturing cost, a massive saving from the retail price.

We are doing this to recognize the sacrifices those on the frontlines are making and, at the same time, provide them extra protection. While we make no specific claims that its air purifier can protect against COVID-19, we feel that every extra bit of protection is helpful.

If you work on the front lines or care about the people who do, submit the below form today and take advantage of this very special low price.

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