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COVID-19 Mask Shortage

High demand of protective solution against flu and Convid-19

The fears of catching the flu and the Coronavirus has led to a worldwide shortage for mask, sanitizers, and disinfectants. Pharmacies, retailers, and online retailers have begun running out of these necessities. Due to the high demand of protection from the flu and Coronavirus, Oxy-Angel has been selling out fast.

COVID-19 Mask Shortage

Pre-order Group Buy Promotion

To address the issue, Epic Globes LLC has launched a Pre-order group buy promotion to provide everyone with the opportunity of protecting their health in this time of crisis for a more affordable price without sacrificing the product’s quality. Our company strongly stands on its mission- to be every person’s partner in bringing quality air.

We are also offering bulk orders for companies to ensure that the workplace remains as a healthy environment for its employees for safety and productivity.

oxy-angel air purifier benefits

Bigger discount

For individuals, gather orders from your family members, friends, colleagues, etc and have a bigger discount for every added unit purchased.

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