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There’s nothing like breathing in fresh air while walking along the seashore or the air after a storm. Each breath we take helps us feel regenerated and full of energy. You might wonder why the air seems fresher and purer than the air in our homes or offices.

What if I tell you that you could fill the air around you with a mood enhancing electrical charge, that would benefit your performance and increase your recovery time? The answer lies in the ions and the influence they have on our bodies and behavior.

Everywhere you look there are positive and negative ions.

Simply put, ions are atoms that have either lost or acquired energy.  In nature, they are generated by the splitting of molecules – thanks to the action of solar rays, radiation, winds and tides. The ions that have acquired an electric charge are called negative ions.  On the flip side, those that have lost their electric charge are called positive ions.

Negative ions tend to be at their most abundant in nature and will always outweigh positive ions in the great outdoors. For example, the sea, rivers, waterfalls and thunderstorms all create ions that are negatively charged.

The best thing to do, if you want to absorb some negative ions without hanging around waterfalls or putting your life at risk in the eye of a storm, is to simply take a shower, go for a walk by the sea or consider trying out many of the negative ion necklaces on the market, like the Oxy-Angel.

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